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Project DIYHalloween Decorations

Halloween DecorationsGetting Started

<p>It's the time of year for spooky decorations. Watch as Chelsea magically transforms some 4 x 4 pieces of wood into cute decorations.</p>

  • Make a mummy
  • Craft a pumpkin
  • Scare up a ghost
  • Put together Frankenstein's monster

Halloween Decorations Supplies

  • Orbital Sander

Halloween Decorations Step by step

  • STEP: 1

    Using a 120 grit sanding sponge, sand all sides of a 4 x 4 piece of wood. Make sure to soften all corners and edges.

    Image of step 1
  • STEP: 2

    Use the tack cloth to remove all dust created from sanding.

    Image of step 2
  • STEP: 3

    "For the mummy:\r\nSpray all sides of the block with black paint. Let dry."

    Image of step 3
  • STEP: 4

    Glue plastic eyes onto the wood with wood glue.

    Image of step 4
  • STEP: 5

    Wrap the block with white gauze. Tuck in any loose parts on the back.

    Image of step 5
  • STEP: 6

    Enjoy your new mummy!

    Image of step 6
  • STEP: 7

    For the pumpkin: Spray all sides of the block with orange paint. Let dry.

    Image of step 7
  • STEP: 8

    Paint a drawer knob brown for the stem. Let dry.

    Image of step 8
  • STEP: 9

    Use wood glue to attach the stem.

    Image of step 9
  • STEP: 10

    Enjoy your new pumpkin!

    Image of step 10
  • STEP: 11

    For the ghost: Spray all sides of the block with white paint. Let dry.

    Image of step 11
  • STEP: 12

    On a pieces of paper larger than the wood block, draw an oval and carefully cut out as stencil.

    Image of step 12
  • STEP: 13

    Place stencil over block, and spray with black paint to create the mouth.

    Image of step 13
  • STEP: 14

    Use wood glue to attach two plastic eyes.

    Image of step 14
  • STEP: 15

    Enjoy your new ghost!

    Image of step 15
  • STEP: 16

    For Frankenstein's monster: Spray all sides of the block with green paint. Let dry.